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Gaspoint” is a product of 23 year old giant Gaspoint Petroleum India Limited (GPIL). GPIL is passionately engaged in the business of packed cylinders, catering to the needs of commercial and industrial users. HQ’ed in Nagpur, it is all set to expand it’s footprint in India.

Gaspoint, today, stands committed to serve to the needs of dealers and customers right from installation to supply. Our aim is to “Keep Our Stakeholders Happy” and for this we have a highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced workforce. We also have a highly dedicated Business Development Team that aims at business expansion for additional networking of our partners. We are a professional and process-driven organization having zero degree of separation between top-middle, middle-junior, and top-junior management.

Business Opportunity for you:

At Gaspoint, we believe in providing business opportunities to all. Yes! You can start your business with us even with low investment. Our internal team would analyze your investment and agency operation capacity, basis of which the decision for Gas Agency allotment would be taken. We keep our processes as transparent as possible and try to make a seamless network for the upliftment and progress of our dealers. We also provide training to the newly appointed Distributors/Dealers which helps them in understanding the LPG business. We also hand-hold them for day-to-day operations and empower them to capture the market. People having strong investment capacity can apply for Industrial Distributorship with us.


LPG offers a better control over cooking. It offers, adjustment of intensity / size in the form of visible blue flame that is easy to regulate to get the required rate of heating, making it possible to cook at desired temperature. Temperatures can be adjusted instantly on a twist of a knob making it very easy to handle.


Clients Relationship

We believe in creating and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. For this we have CRMs who ensure seamless support to our partners.



LPG is the most sustainable fossil fuel and it plays a very important role in replacing other polluting and solid fuels. At Gaspoint, sustainability is a part of our overall business strategy and much of our future initiatives are aligned with it. Our robust sustainability programme includes prioritizing initiatives, defining milestones, setting measureable targets and realizing them.

Low Risk at Gaspoint

Low Risk

LPG business is an unstoppable and safe-investment business. LPG is categorized under essential commodity, which means it is allowed to operate even during market shutdowns, pandemic or lockdown conditions.


Clear Kitchen

LPG cylinders ensure cleanliness. They take up less space and unlike traditional cooking fuels like firewood, charcoal and kerosene, it does not leave ash, soot or harmful smoke behind.

Sales Service

Our optimal and reliable services have been the hallmark of our effort in maintaining the technology and service excellence leadership in the Industrial LPG sector.

Products & Services

How to become our Distributor/Dealer:

If you are interested in joining us and becoming a partner in our growth story you can either email us at dealership@gaspoint.in or visit our regional office for further discussion. We would be happy to help you know and grow with the LPG business. Once you have filled in the dealership application with us, your application will be scrutinized by our sales team and upon finding the application suitable the process of dealership allotment will be initiated. The investment size would depend on the market potential and stock will be given against the investment made. It is to be noted that the company does not take security deposits for any dealership allotment.

Eligibility criteria for joining our network as a Distributor/Dealer:

  1. Financially strong party with the ability to invest
  2. Ability to market the product in your allotted territory
  3. Must have own/rented vehicle for cylinder transportation
  4. Ability to build LPG godown as per PESO norms
  5. Can be an individual/partnership firm
  6. Preference will be given to people having an existing running business.

Advantages of becoming a Gaspoint Distributor/Dealer:

    1. The LPG business is categorized as an essential commodity item which means it is allowed to operate even during maket shutdowns, pandemic or lockdown conditions.
    2. This business is long-term in nature. At Gaspoint, we conduct Distributor/ Dealer training which gives dealers the ability to tap the vast market and carve out their market share in their allotted area.
    3. Our Business Development team continuously monitors the sales of our Distributor/Dealer and helps them in expansion of their business. We ensure that our partner grows with us.
    4. We do not take any security deposits, unlike other players in the market.
    5. Distributors/ Dealers get an opportunity to be a part of a bigger organisation with 23year experience in LPG Business.
At Gaspoint, we Grow together.

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